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Love Fest By Aisha

Creating memories to last a lifetime. Weddings : Vow Re​newa​ls : Commitment Ceremonies : Naming Ceremonies

Love Fest By Aisha

This is me, Aisha, I am an easy-going, fun-loving Celebrant, totally dedicated to making your ceremony dreams a reality. I'm not scared to admit it, I am absolutely CORNY when it comes to love, and weddings, and any life celebrations! I will go all out, above and beyond, the extra mile to make it THE BEST day of your life. EVER! 

Why? Because I can truly tell you, hand on my heart, that creating a magical ceremony with just you in mind (okay, your partner too) and watching the absolute joy on your faces, makes me super happy, like, OTT happy, like deliriously happy! 

So, I guarantee that not only will you have an amazing, personal, fun and engaging ceremony but you will also be able to chill and enjoy every single moment because I got you! You got me! We got this!

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