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Ultimate Bundle - Business Starter Pack


Ultimate Photographer's Legal Bundle

Secure Your Business, Streamline Your Workflow!

Updated to comply with ACCC's "Unfair Contract Terms" changes, applicable from 9th November 2023. 

Unveil a smoother, more professional operation with our all-inclusive legal bundle crafted exclusively for photographers. From weddings and portraits to collaborations with 2nd shooters, this package safeguards your business on multiple fronts.

What's Inside?

- Wedding Contract: Solidify terms and eliminate confusion for your wedding gigs.
- Lifestyle & Portrait Contract: Ensure clarity and mutual understanding in lifestyle and portrait sessions.
- 2nd Shooter Agreements: Define the scope, duties, and financial details when working with secondary shooters.
- Terms of Sale: Establish the legal ground rules for any sales transactions.
- Digital License Agreement: Clearly outline the usage rights granted to your clients for digital media.

Why Choose Our Bundle?

1. Streamlined Operations: Spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you love—capturing memories.
2. Customisable: Tailor each template to align with your unique business needs and terms.
3. Clarity in Collaborations: Set forth unambiguous terms when working with second shooters or contractors.
4. Protect Your Rights: Govern sales and licensing with documents that leave no room for misinterpretation.

Quick and Easy Integration

Your purchase comes complete with step-by-step guides for modifying the templates to your specific needs.

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