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The Atelier: Unleash Your Creative Vision

Step into The Atelier, Fox & Wildling Studios' captivating and fully functional photography studio, where creativity knows no bounds. This carefully crafted space is an artistic haven designed to empower photographers and videographers to bring their visions to life.

A shot taken inside The Atelier studio, showing motorised backdrops and studio lighting  at Fox & Wildling Studios, Perth WA
A Space for Artistry


The Atelier is more than just a studio; it's a sanctuary for artists seeking to capture the essence of their subjects through their lens. With vintage-inspired aesthetics and elegant decor, this enchanting space sets the stage for captivating photo shoots and cinematic video productions.

Wide angle shot inside The Atelier at Fox & Wildling Studios, Perth WA
Professional Amenities at Your Fingertips


Equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and motorized backdrops, The Atelier offers all the tools necessary to achieve flawless results. Our studio is designed to cater to every creative need, ensuring that you have everything required to execute your artistic vision with precision and finesse..

The Client Wardrobe: Elevating Your Artistry

The Atelier boasts an extensive client wardrobe that photographers and videographers can utilize for lifestyle, maternity, and newborn sessions. This curated collection of stylish and timeless pieces adds a touch of elegance to your work, elevating your artistry to new heights.

The client wardrobe at Fox & Wildling Studios, Perth WA
Wide angle shot inside The Atelier at Fox & Wildling Studios, Perth WA
A blonde bride in her dressing gown, sitting on a white vintage chaise inside The Atelier at Fox & Wildling Studios, Perth WA
A Hub of Possibilities


The Atelier isn't just a space for photographers; it's a hub of endless possibilities. Whether you're conducting portrait sessions, conceptual projects, branding shoots, or intimate gatherings, our studio is versatile enough to accommodate your artistic endeavours.

Discover Your Creative Sanctuary


Unleash your creative vision at The Atelier, where vintage charm and artistic flair converge to create an extraordinary space for photography and videography. Let Fox & Wildling Studios be the canvas for your artistic expression, where every frame becomes a masterpiece.

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